Candle Kit Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a candle-making kit!

Your purchase includes all the materials needed to make three mason jar candles: A pitcher (to be used as a double boiler), jars, wax, pre-made wicks, and a clip to hold the wick in place.


1) Prepare your jars: Remove the sticker on the bottom of each pre-made wick and press down firmly to the center of the jar to adhere to the jar. Now take the black clip and use it to pull your wick tight and center in the jar. You do not want your wick to have bends or kinks, as this will negatively affect how the candle burns. As an optional step, you may choose to insulate your jars with a rag (not a treasured towel, in case wax spills!) to reduce sink holes if you are pouring in a cold environment.


2) Place wax blocks into provided pitcher.

3) Place about 2-4" of water into a pot and place the pot on the stove. Add the wax pitcher to the pot of water and turn the heat on low to medium (every stove is different - start on a low heat and increase heat slowly if no melting occurs.


4) Place prepped jars on a heat-safe surface that you don't mind spilling hot wax on (line counter with newspaper, etc). Once wax is melted, carefully pour wax into jars (Use caution when handling HOT WAX). Leave 1/2" of space between wax and the top rim and place wax pitcher back into the pot to keep warm. You will start to see a skin form on the surface of the wax as it cools (10-20 minutes usually) - if you see a sinkhole develop, you can take the remaining wax and top off the candle to fill it in (be sure to leave 1/4" space!). You may now remove wax pitcher from the pot and turn off the heat source. Congratulations on pouring your candles - Enjoy!!